¡Electric Hare Krishna Extravaganza!

Harinam means a little bit of volume, it’s a driving energy to encourage everyone to chant the holy names and to dance in ecstasy. It is the remedy for everyone and was started by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself.



Please Join Mayapur Harinama Family



We are a group of creative and expressive musicians and dancers. We are devotees who make up a strong team, inviting dozens of other devotees to join us in the chanting. A little Happy Harinam Family, in the Eternal Family of Srila Prabhupada.

Jivanath Das

Travel to the soul of Prabhupada’s indescribable disciple, who brings thousands of recipients to taste the nectar of Lord Caitanya´s mercy

The Musicians of the Band

Go to the depths of each of the musicians that can break your heart, that Jivanath das leads


All local devotees and visitors have a place in the family band to come sing, play instruments and dance

Prabhupada´s Mercy

Disciples of Srila Prabhupada who are in (or travel to) Mayapur, melt people’s hearts with their sound vibration.


Wherever we go, Lord Caitanya manifests by entering people’s bodies and making them sway with his archetypal movements. Everyone melts in the sea of ​​happiness, with their hands raised to the sky, in an infinite dance.


Thousands of people suddenly begin to dance in the mood of Gaura Nitay; it seems as if They entered their bodies!

Together Forever We Dance

Circles, waves, propellers, accordions, pigeons, trains, jumps, tops … each one and each group dances like odes to nature

Feel the Ecstasy

Shouting, Praying, Embracing, Crying, Trembling… Newcomers, Old devotees. Kids, Elderly: Mercy of the Golden One!

Everybody Hands Up!

Touching the sky, with feet as high as the TOVP, a thousand voices shout in unison: Haribol!


This Treasury of Love is descending from the Spiritual World, and reaching the lotus of the nine islands of Navadwip, it grows from Mayapur, touching the souls of the fallen hearts of this age of quarreling until purity makes us play and dance…

The Sweet Mayapur Fragancy

Mayapur Experience is a unique inner journey, while enjoying the spiritual senses to the fullest. Temples, deities, music, Ganges, forests… everything is so beautiful!

The Spiritual Disneyworld

Real children (and inner kids) shine in their purest form, with a candor and spontaneity of those who know how to have fun with the depth of being.

see you on stage!

We are always invited to travel everywhere, to Ratha Yatras, Janmasthami, temple inaugurations, weddings, for thousands and thousands of happy participants!

Harinam Street Dogs

We usually play and excite the audience, with instruments, in some corner in Mayapur, or on stages; but like Gauranga´s pets, also travel through the streets of half of India!


Of course, around our voices and instruments, we also play the tools of Prabhupada’s books and the Bhagavad Prasadam to increase the power of sound and bring all their senses, mind and intelligence on the same devotional plane. Our wandering deities dominate the show.

The Sankirtan Heroes

Where Prabhupada’s ants pass, they carry their backpacks with books, so that the experience of the holy name is wisely multiplied in the homes of those with whom we have shared unforgettable moments.

The Prasadam Taste

In Mayapur, or its surroundings, our Harinam team always has pots of tenderness, to share with those who come to us to receive the warm good fortune of food cooked with love and devotion.


The Mayapur Harinama family tours the Spiritual Capital of the World with beautiful and adorable traveling Lords. Everyone comes and takes darshan and offers garlands!

The Altar Bycicle

we have an incredible pedal ricksaw where the altar, books and speakers travel to spread happiness