it doesn’t matter the tune so much


Rocknroll, blues, reaggae mantra!

we are simply devotees who enjoy chanting Hare Krishna and we experienced a certain taste, and it was very wonderful and then we decided why don’t we add a few instruments?, because, well, you know, most of us are Western devotees, as they call us, Western devotees from outside of India, and we have some experience with playing guitars, bass, saxophones, violins, so we have this experience, and so we thought why not add this to our kirtan, why not bring in some of our Western culture and simply with the instruments, but not change anything with the Mantra; of course we only chant Hare Krishna, we don’t sing songs, no offense to those who do, but we don’t sing songs we simply chant Hare Krishna, and we have experienced different moods of course
I’m from America being brought up in the 60s, so I have a bit of a rock and roll background with me, so I like it when it rocks, I like it when it rocks and every once in a while when we start to improvise, because the the crowd is right behind us, we start to get a little bluesy, Chanting Hare Krishna, and you can feel the energy change from the blues to the Rock to basically some soul, so all kinds of genres of music can be included when you just chant Hare Krishna, it doesn’t matter the tune so much, it’s the mood of the devotees and the people chanting, that’s what we try to capture, that’s what we try to grow, and when we all connect together it becomes a very beautiful thing and that’s what Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu was preaching, is a sankirtan this group, chanting; the more we chant together it doesn’t matter what kind of tune you’re singing because eventually it all just boils down to Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, and it doesn’t matter the tune, it just matters the mood the devotee is expressing, and the others are feeling, and of course if you can raise the volume, more people hear, so kirtan means a little bit of volume, it’s not so much the sweet melodious bhajam; it’s kirtan, it’s a driving energy and that’s what we try to capture on Mayapur Harinam Family.


it just matters the mood the devotee is expressing