how can we bring them into this sankirtan party


how to develop this harinam

it doesn’t matter how big or how small, you can enter into this mood of Lord Caitanya, and take this to your City, Town, Village; it is a very important part of this Krishna Consciousness movement; is to give this Holy Name to other people; we have it, we understand: “yes, this harinam is incredible, this Hare Krishna Mantra it does something special to me every time I chant it, so how to get others to understand this”; if you simply go out, you simply connect, that is one of the key components of a really good harinam, is connecting with everybody around you; people may come out, they may be frowning at you, or they may just pull out their cell phone and just want to video, and stand there but somehow or other we have to think about how can we engage them, how can we bring them into this sankirtan party and that’s a wonderful party, when you’re out there with the people, turn their hurting on this Hare Krishna Mantra, into a sankirtan party, enjoy it for what it is; it’s the Holy Name Of God, Krishna; is right there when you’re saying this, “why would you have anxieties?”, you don’t have them when you are engaged in harinam sankirtan, there is no problem in the world, and you want everyone to enjoy this like you do enjoy the holy name, so get out there, give it a try, if you need some help, message us, let us know, we will give you some of good advice but remember, it’s a personal exchange because Krishna is a person, Lord Caitanya is a person, there’s a personal exchange between you and the Mantra, between you and the other chanters of the Mantra, so connect with people, make them understand just by your understanding, you show how Blissful Hare Krishna Mantra is, how Blissful harinam is; you shall them by your own behavior and people will become attracted, they’ll think “oh something’s with this person he looks so happy chanting Hare Krishna, maybe I should try this”, so that’s the key to it, is that connection, we’re connecting with Krishna through the holy name, and we want to connect with all Spirit Souls with this Hare Krishna mantra.


if you need some help, we will give you some good advice